Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Odd Bob’s Odd Jobs is #1 for any kitchen and bath remodels you may need to be done. Kitchens and baths are the heart of our homes – we spend more time in these areas than any other. And while kitchen and bath remodels are beautiful, they can be prohibitively expensive. Odd Bob’s Odd Jobs offers a suite of options that range from “from scratch” to tile refinishing as well as cabinet refurbishment – all with different budgets for you to pick your preference without breaking the bank or compromising quality workmanship! The important thing is speed: I want my clients back living comfortably again quickly so no one has to live through months spent out their home during renovations; this way, even if it’s just minor maintenance on an old bathroom, everyone will stay happy because there was minimal disruption throughout construction

kitchen and bath remodels
kitchen and bath remodels

Kitchen Remodel & Renovation

Cabinet Installation & Repair

Countertop Removal & Refinishing

Tile Installation & Repairs

Bath Remodel & Renovation

Kitchen Backsplash Installation

Custom Kitchen Islands

Why Choose Me?

Let Odd Bob take the stress out of your kitchen & bath remodels with design advice, supplier contacts for anything you might need, and your happiness at top of mind.

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